Lavender Bag

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Organic dried lavender bag.



Lavender is well known for its intense colour, fragrance and medicinal properties. If you want to strengthen the relaxing properties of our pillows – try out dried lavender bags from GrainNook.

Sourced in Europe, organic, all-natural.

Put one inside the pillow and enjoy the beautiful scent of dozens of flowers!

Why we chose lavender?

The relaxing, calming and soothing scent made lavender the obvious choice. Lavender also is considered to be good for curing headaches, cough, muscle pains and have the anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also suggested to use it when struggling with insomnia – relaxing scent of lavender may alleviate tension and positively affect nervous system.

All these benefits combined make the lavender bag the perfect choice to use together with our healthy pillows.

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